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VAIHI (Vai-Hee)
1. Water Spings Forth 2. Surfacing, to Emerge 3. Tahitian for “Hawaii”

We are four local Hawaiian country boys who have begun our quest to sing and entertain over 12 years ago out of a small garage in La’ie. From our humble first gig (one microphone, one amplifier, BBQ at the Temple View Apartments in La’ie) to the present, we have continually tried our best to bring a little bit of the backyard flavor to everyone in ear shot.

We have been lucky, thankful, and blessed to have had the opportunites that have come our way. Without the unconditional love of our familes, friends, and devoted fans, we would never have been able to do any of this. We have definitely come a long way, have a long way to go, and much to learn.

Along with recording original music, appearing on several compilation CDs here and in Japan, traveling, and entertaining, we have been expanding into other special projects to come, as well as studio recording * Mauka Studio Production* as “Vaihientertainment LLC”.

Aaron Ka’onohi *Lead Guitar*
Aaron shares many of his awesome talents of composing beautiful ballets, Hawaiian slack key guitar styling and most recently his skills in studio production to the Vaihi Band and has produced over 10 albums for other groups as well. Aaron takes on the role of the group leader with help from his lovely wife Sylvianne T.Tetuanui Kaonohi who is the Manager of the group. Aaron is also the proud father of 4 big boys, Vaihi, Tevai, Tehau *Pene* and last but not least Vaiari’i.

Samuela Langi Jr. *Lead Ukulele*
Sammy adds his expertise of the tenor and baritone ukulele to the group along with his beautiful high range falsetto voice. His big boy heart and love for all people is radiant at all of Vaihi’s appearances and performances. He is also known as “Braddah Sam” of the local hit T.V. show “Local Kine Grindz” which he co-hosts along with his beautiful wife, local radio personality “Lina Girl”.

Bruce Naluai *Ukulele*
Bruce brings his rhythm ukulele, local style and vocal blend to the Vaihi recipe. He is also a loving husband to his wife Angela and proud father of two beautiful daughters Smylyn and Serene.

Peter Lakatani * Bass*
Piko offers his musical studies background to the gang with his love for the 5 string electric bass and his beautiful, clean high range voice. He takes pleasure in picking up the guitar and ukulele for the delight of playing music. Piko has been getting closer to finding the one special love of his life.


Artist Credit Artist Credit
Teva Tetuanui Producer Sam Langi Composer, Ukulele, Vocals
Aaron Kaonohi Composer, Guitar, Vocals Bruce Naluai Composer, Ukulele, Vocals
Piko Lakatani Composer, Bass, Vocals Jean-Paul Tahua Drum Programming, Guitar
Maruia Felix Vocals Delman P. Naipo Vocals
Rod Tetuanui Drum Programming, Keyboards, Backup Vocals Gavin P. Kaina Vocals
Sylvianne Kaonohi Vocals Lina Girl Langi Vocals
G-Smooth Gerald Pizarro Rap Pierre Grill Engineer
“Radical” Rob Onekea Music Programming


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