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A fresh view on traditional Hawaiian music, vocally strong, with a backyard feel. Truly an album to bring you to the islands of Hawaii.
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Vaihi’s third album is an impressive experiment considering the unwritten rules of the contemporary island music scene. Vaihi’s album contains no Jawaiian stuff and no Top 40 pop chart remakes. Every song is fresh. Several were written by member Sam Longi, whose high profile as a member of the FM100 All-Star Band and co-host of “Local Kine Grindz” may exempt Vaihi from the usual island music format restrictions. Let’s hope so. Vaihi certainly has a unique sound going here. Most of the songs are of the romantic “slow jam” type, but the group’s strong, soulful harmonies and meticulously crafted arrangements keep them from sounding languid or enervated. 

“With Your Arms Around Me Baby” is more lively and a bit reminiscent of the Drifters’ early-’60s hits but also sounds original and promising. Several other songs prove the guys’ appeal as romantic balladeers; the “Vaihi Medley Mix” adds memories of their prior albums. 
John Berger Honolulu Star Bulletin

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