I’ll Be Loving You

I pledge my heart, my life
When you became my wife
I promised all that I have
To make this marriage last.

You never understood me
I needed you to be near me
Those lonely nights by the phone
I cried these tears till you came home.

And all the while as I long for your warm embrace
I pray the Lord that you’ll be safe
Oh my baby I’ll be home soon
And in your arms I’ll be loving you.

I know that things are not right
My job has taken my life
Those lonely nights by the phone
I wish that I could be home.

It doesn’t have to be this way
We’ll choose the time, the place
All that we have is here
But still I’ll wait for you my dear.


We’ll find our place near the sea
And there we’ll stay just you and me
No lonely nights by the phone
No more will we be all alone.