Walking Over Water

Close the window
I’ll pour the wine
Take my hand
We’ll spend some time
Wipe those tears don’t you fear
Cause this love was made to last
For more than just years.

Have you ever felt like walking over water
Imagine all the fears you’d have to cast aside
Put your mind to what you will don’t you bother
Cause soon you’ll find that you’re walking over water.

Lord please let me stay awhile
So I can see the tiny face of my child
I can hear her whisper sweetly, daddy please
Daddy please, please don’t you leave.


This is a part of life and this is how it be
That we are born and when we die that’s when we leave
To you I leave my love until we meet again
And when we do you know there’s never going to be an end.

Close the pages to my life
To you my love, my wife
Remember those long walks along the sea
And remember those sweet words you said to me.